Why You Need a Pro for Basement Remodels

Why You Need a Pro for Basement Remodels

Here’s a simple enough question: if you’re boarding a plane to Toronto, would you rather DIY? Or when you’re on board a ship that is sailing across the Atlantic—would a DIY sound great then? Nobody would want to go the DIY route with these jobs—as should be the case with any job that requires technical and professional craftsmanship.

Why should basement remodelling be any different?

The Risks of Going the DIY Route with Basement Remodels

For many laymen who have been easily misled by “How to DIY remodel your basement in 5 easy steps” blogs, there’s a lot that comes back to become a problem. Since they take the DIY route with something as demanding as basement remodeling, thinking that (a) they’ve saved good money or/and (b) that they’re perfectly capable of performing the job, they end up with a great number of problems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Unexpected expenses during or a few days after the project has been deemed finished
  • Water damage, flooding, and mold damage
  • Faulty plumbing, heating, and electrical systems
  • Failure to meet codes ending in legal complications
  • Ending up with a vapour barrier that leads to humidity that leads to mold that leads to a great number of illnesses
  • Forgetting to go for floating walls, ending up with major structural damages to the house
  • Not knowing how to properly work out the ventilation for the furnace
  • Not using fire block or foil backed insulation that can easily lead to fires in the framing

Slacking on basement remodels, then, isn’t just a burden on the pocket for the days to come—it can also pose various health risks such as that of fire, flooding, and illnesses due to mold damage.

How Professionals Help

Professionals aren’t people who have, for the first and perhaps the only time in their lives, decided to get a basement remodelled. They’ve been at this job long enough to know what goes where. We know how to troubleshoot and how to examine problematic arenas—and we also know how to fix them.

Hiring a professional is, in fact, an investment that pays off in the long term. Here’s how you benefit from hiring professional builders:

  • Your remodeling project will be done and dusted within the given time frame, without any delays or extensions
  • You will have the benefit of a free estimate before the work even begins to better budget your expenses
  • We ensure that the codes are adhered to
  • We can customize your project just like you want it
  • We’re ensuring that you’ve spent your money on the right gig by providing quality service that is certain to fetch you a greater price in the market if you’re planning to sell.

Looking for a Reliable Regina Based Basement Renovation Firm?

Oakridge Remodeling is based in the Greater Regina area and has been in the basement renovation and remodeling industry for over ten years. We are known for our quality work and professional work ethic. Get a free quote from us today or give us a call at 1-306-993-1170.

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