Why Do You Need an Egress Window?

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Why Do You Need an Egress Window?

For those who prioritize the safety of their family above all else, basements are places you should be wary of. Being in a basement during a natural disaster or other kinds of emergencies can be potentially fatal. This is why having an egress window in them is essential.

There’s More to egress windows!

Egress windows are a great way to let in more light into your basement; they can open up what’s otherwise a dreary place to dwell in. They also greatly affect the livability of your house and make it more sustainable. The house will look more modern and upscale, improving its aesthetics.

To top it all, the worth of your house goes up significantly if you have them. By providing additional safety options and comfortable lighting, you make your house instantly more desirable.

Protection Against Fires

In Canada, over a hundred cases of structural fires are reported every year on average. Out of these, most—around 90% of them—are residential fires. What’s worse is that out of every 100 cases of preventable fires, one is fatal.

Egress windows don’t just help save lives, but they also help in quick relief since the sooner you get out of a flaming house, the faster you can call for help. Installing them in bedrooms and basements for a quick escape is one of the best safety measures you can take.

Where do You Install egress windows?

To simplify matters, install them in every room where people sleep. Since most casualties occur when people wake up in the heat of the emergency, a quick escape route is a must.

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What to Ensure

Make sure that the window is large enough for every family member to wiggle through easily. Nobody wants to be stuck halfway in an egress window while a fire ravages the house. Ladders, stairs, and steps make the conveyance easier as well.

Construction companies need to follow regulations, residential codes, and safety codes when installing an egress window. This is to minimize risks and facilitate safety.

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