Top Trends in Basement Design for 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Top Trends in Basement Design for 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Basements are no longer the unused and damp, cramped up spaces they were once. They’ve had their status updated from mere storage spaces. Presently basements are considered one of the most important parts of the house and are used regularly.

A keen interest in basements is the reason why there’s a rise in the demand for basement remodeling projects. People prefer that their basements look as chic and are as practical as the rest of their house.

As 2019 rolls in, basement deign trends become more sophisticated, and the needs more specific. This blog discusses trends which will lead basement design in the New Year.

Open House

Open concepts never get old. Ever since people stopped using walls to separate their rooms and other living spaces, open concepts have been in vogue. They give the illusion of more space, allow for better locomotion, and facilitate socialization. Since basements are naturally expansive, they benefit even more from the open concept. A warmer sense of community is propagated and the basement becomes an arena for the members of a family to get together. Others utilize the open space as a game room, a home theatre, etc. On the other hand, smaller basements benefit from the illusion of maximized space and appear more airy, more spacious.

Home Extension

Homeowners these days, given the scarcity of land available, find the basement a viable option for expanding their living space. Instead of using it as an add-on, people prefer to extend their home operations—such as building bedrooms and living rooms—in these cosy spaces. With the right flooring, coloring, and styling, a basement can be made to look every bit as homely as the rest of the house. This also significantly boosts the property value and helps people in getting a better price when selling.

Home Theatres

A growing trend, the home theatre is a miniscule version of a cinema that is more homely and more private. The home theatre utilizes a great screen, lush reclining chairs, proper sound system, and the right lighting. For cinema aficionados, a more luxurious, closed theatre space is the best option. For a more cost-effective option, people go for the open space, more domesticated version. If space remains, bar areas and entertainment sections are added to these spaces.

Guest Rooms

Given the spaciousness of a basement, you can build a suite for your guests. You don’t need extra rooms or space when you have a basement to build a guest suite. With the right paneling, lighting, and styling, you can build a guest suite that is on par with your local hotel. The degree of extravagance, of course, depends on your budget. Guest suites in the basement are a great way to give your guests privacy when they come over.

An In-House Gym

Building an in-house gym area in the basement is an idea that gets more popular by the day. The spaciousness of a basement allows it to accommodate all the heavy gym equipment. Enthusiasts even opt for a spa in their basements, installing steam showers and other particulars. A functional gym can be built even in the smallest of basement spaces.

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