Top Remodeling Trends to Look For in 2019

Top Remodeling Trends to Look For in 2019

Home remodeling ventures can give any drab and dreary room an instant makeover. Over the last few years, approximately $74 billion were spent on home remodels. Whether you’re investing in a bathroom remodel or a basement conversion, a home remodel can add value to your property.

If you’re planning a renovation project this year, it pays well to keep the current trends in mind when embarking on a remodeling venture.

If you haven’t updated your house in a while, check out these popular trends for some home remodeling inspiration.

More Windows, More Light

Everyone loves having natural light filter into the house during the day. One popular trend for this year is adding in bigger and more windows to let the natural light stream in. You’ll be surprised to see the difference that adding a couple of large windows can make.

Not only will the larger windows lend your home a warm, cozy feel during the day, they’ll also help you save money on energy bills.

Updating Rooms to Master Bedroom Suites

Your bedroom is your sanctuary so naturally, you want it to be luxuriant and most of all, comfortable.

Many homeowners are updating their bedrooms into master suites that include a larger, spa-like en suite bathroom, his and hers closets/changing areas, main room, and often an additional small room to serve as a nursery or a home office, etc.

Gourmet Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of your home. It’s the room where families spend most of their time together, enjoying meals and catching up.

The 2019 trends for kitchen remodels include incorporating technology and fancy appliances to make it a smart kitchen. Dark cabinet colors, quartz countertops, straight lines, multipurpose kitchen islands, and effective storage solutions are all in this year.

Home Office Additions

More and more people are opting to work from home or work part-time at home during the week. Many homeowners are now looking to convert the extra or unused rooms in their house into a comfortable home office.

Whether it’s a bedroom, a dining room, or even the basement; converting it into a home office to make use of the space is trending trend we can’t wait to bring to life in 2019!

Simplicity and Clean Lines

This year, less is still more.

That holds true for home remodeling as well. The past few years have seen a shift towards renovation designs that embody simplicity, minimalism, and understated elegance. The preference is more towards linear, clean, and less intricate designs. Homeowners find it to be more stress-relieving. Besides, it makes your home look more spacious!

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