The Dos and Don’ts of remodeling a basement

The Dos and Don’ts of remodeling a basement

Finishing a basement can be a challenge for homeowners. It’s usually the first room that they get to design from the ground up. You can turn the basement into whatever you want but all that flexibility also means an overwhelming number of options,

Here are some dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when remodeling a basement.

The Dos

Do prioritize functionality

Whether you need your basement to serve as an extension of your house or an added living space, it will need to be functional.

Be clear on what you want out of your basement. If you’re currently using it for storage, laundry, home office, etc. you will need to prioritize functionality. Sure, you can convert your basement into a TV lounge, game-room or anything else you want but a portion of it will still be needed for laundry.

Those that are converting their basement to an added living space, first consider where you can add plumbing for the bathroom/kitchenette then think of the bedroom area.

Prioritize functionality and build the leisure components, around it.

Do incorporate open-concept spaces

Basements can get stuffy due to the lack of windows and ventilation. To promote air flow and make the basement look larger, it’s best to incorporate an open-concept arrangement.

Think of the various ways you want the space to be used. Do you want there to be a TV with a seating area? Does it need a dining table or a desk for a home office? Based on these questions you can begin sectioning the basement.

The Don’ts

Don’t forget the aesthetics

Functionality is important but so are aesthetics. A good basement is one that is used regularly and for that to happen it needs to look good.

Gone are the days where basement had bare walls and unwanted furniture. Today are painted with a cohesive color scheme and consist of cozy furniture.

Get creative with wall art, throws pillows, cushions, and blankets and make your basement the most loves space in the house.

Don’t undermine good construction

People have a tendency to overlook the quality of construction in a basement. For your basement to be a proper part of your house, it requires finishing. Hire seasoned basement remodeling contractors that convert your damp, dull basement into warm and cozy living spaces by installing insulation, superior quality flooring, installing electrical circuits, necessary plumbing and more.

Look for contractors that specialize in basement remodeling and provide comprehensive services.

The team at Oakridge Remodeling has been remodeling basements in Regina for many years. We design functional yet beautiful basements according to your needs and budget.

Get in touch with us at 1-306-993-1170 for more information on our services.

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