The Biggest Mistakes Made in Finished Basements

The Biggest Mistakes Made in Basement Finishing

Finishing a basement is a complicated task, and the process is open to all sorts of mistakes that can harm you in the long-term. Organization and knowledge are crucial elements to avoiding major mistakes but hiring a professional basement contractor will ensure that your basement is done right and last for many years to come. Here are a few things you must be on your guard against:

Water Damaged Basement

Watch out for signs of Water Damage.
You might not even detect water damage, and this is usually caused by drainage that is done near the foundations of the house and affects the basement most. If undetected and untended, the issues might exacerbate over time and cause financial damage at a later time. Thus before remodeling, you must always address any water damage and issues caused to ensure you don’t have to suffer later on.

Bad Lighting

What even is the purpose of lighting if it doesn’t do the job? Basements, of course, do not receive much natural light. You, therefore, have to compensate with indoor lighting at all times, to prevent your basement from looking like a shady B-grade horror movie appendage. No matter how dark a soul you are, your basement should be awash with light and look inviting enough not to scare the average human—because if it wasn’t obvious enough, humans fear the dark.

Faulty Floor Plans

Consider moving furnace ducts and drain pipes which hamper your freedom to manipulate the available space. Although bulkheads or buildouts can be integrated into the design. Contact us about working out creative floor plans that allow for maximum space.

Noise Control

The washing machine, dryer, and furnace are the machines happen to be very noisy. Deal with this issue of sound by integrating material that absorbs sound effectively into your floors, ceilings, and walls.

Basement Design’s that are Disconnected

Although it’s safe to take a separate floor design and aesthetic as compared to the rest of the household. It shouldn’t be too ostentatiously different. For instance, if the entirety of your house is set in the heavy-set Victorian aesthetic and your basement is all modern chic, you have a continuity problem.

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