Should You Go the DIY Route for Post-Disaster Restoration?

There are many factors that prompt people to undertake post-disaster restoration on their own. It might be too pricey, they may not trust people to be around their valuables, etc. And while having strangers loitering around your house is uncomfortable, only they know how to professionally and quickly save your house from utter destruction.

Still considering DIY post-disaster relief? Here’s why you shouldn’t:

You Don’t Have the Tech

Restoring a house after a disaster such as a flood or a tornado requires special equipment to move furniture and lift debris. You’ll need to buy or rent specialized, heavy duty machinery and equipment —both at outlandish rates since you’ll only be using them once. Most people have neither the tools nor the expertise needed to operate these tools. On the other hand, remediation specialists who’ve been doing the job for decades know exactly what to use and how to use it.

It’s Not Cost-Effective

Most people think that by saving on insurance restoration claims, they’re saving a good amount of money. What they don’t understand is that they’re underestimating the magnitude of the damage. To restore your property yourself, you’ll need considerable amounts of time off from work, which is surely going to cost you. You might have to use more than just your annual leaves. Professionals will finish the job a lot faster than you will.

You’re Blind to Unseen Circumstances

Disasters like a fire bring unseen damages with them, the biggest menace of which is smoke damage. You might think certain areas of your house look fine when in fact, they’ve sustained smoke damage. You might not even know that smoke damage comes in various kinds: from fuel oil soot and wet smoke to protein smoke and dry smoke, each has to be dealt with distinctly.

Similarly, following water damage, most of the damages sustained are hiding beneath drywalls and in noxious mold. Professional remediation workers have just the right tools to inspect potential contamination, and they know just where to look.

You Won’t Have Insurance

The biggest benefit of working with a restoration company is having them facilitate a smooth insurance claim. They can ensure that your claim goes through and is paid for duly. An insurance specialist will look after your claim and give you peace of mind. Doing it yourself can land you in hot water and poses many problems, resulting in a non-payment on the part of insurance companies.

Get the Right Insurance Restoration Company to Work for You

Oakridge Remodeling has been providing post-disaster restoration to the residents of Regina for years. We believe in prompt, transparent restorations and can be reached at 1-306-993-1170.

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