Regina Decking Materials: Considering your Options

Regina Deck

The onset of Regina’s spring season brings about longer days, warm sunshine and people desire to spend extra time outdoors. During this season, Regina homeowners are usually busy putting their yards in order. This involves landscaping, building patios, gardens and decks to produce a comfortable outdoor living space for their family members to enjoy.

However, if you are planning on constructing your deck yourself or employing a deck builder like us, there are different types of structural designs, building materials, and add-ons. As a result of many choices of decking materials available in the market, homeowners can make a choice between a natural wood, manufactured composite,  plastic decking, and treated wood. The decking materials vary in regards to durability, appearance, cost, and maintenance. These factors are indispensable when considering the type of decking material that will be the best for your needs.

Natural Wood Decking (Cedar)

In Canada, tropical hardwoods are known to be the best materials for decking; the most common natural wood for decking is called cedar. Regina Cedar decking looks good and it also provides your outdoor with living space a natural and rich ambiance. Unlike other woods, cedar does not absorb moisture as rapidly and it provides a straight and flat decking surface that will not result in wood defects such as splits or warps.

Your cedar decking needs to be dirt-free and sealed often so it will keep its original color, discoloring or greying is as a result of the sun. Cedar is a softwood material, so it can be marks and scrapes easily from your barbecue or patio furniture. Without proper maintenance, your cedar will last for a period of 5 – 10 years. It will last for more than 25 years with yearly maintenance which include sealing, cleaning and periodic board replacement to get rid of unsmooth areas. The costs of cedar decking are higher than pressure treated wood and lesser than composite decking.

Pressure Treated Decking

According to an article published by Popular Mechanics, About 75% of all new decks are done with pressure-treated decking which includes the beams, joists, and posts. It is the cheapest choice for Regina homeowners looking for an inexpensive wood decking choice and low maintenance. The chemicals in the pressure-treated decking helps to prevent fungus, wood decay, and bugs. Also increases the durability of your Regina pressure-treated deck, you must clean it regularly with a power washer and cover it with a coat of wood preserver or stain every couple of years.

However, pressure-treated decking has a side effect such as shrinking, warping, swelling and splitting. There are different types of treated wood and most of them are not alike. You can also request for a premium or higher grade pressure-treated product although you might pay extra, your lumber will have a straight boards with minimal knots, which help to avoid warping over a long period of time.

Composite Decking

Regina Composite decking is the best choice for house owners who desire a free maintenance deck. Most composite decking materials are produced from a recycled plastic`s combined together with sawdust or wood chips. This material can withstand adverse weather conditions without warping or splitting unlike pressure-treated or cedar decking. It does not require sanding or staining and it`s also not affected by natural fading from the sun, your composite deck can appear new for ever with occasional washing with soap and water.

Composite decking is the 2nd most costly decking choice. It comes with many natural colors and you can decide to add stain to it, after about four to six months if you desire.

Plastic Decking

Regina Plastic decking is another choice to consider. Apart from the wood fibers included in composite decking, this material is made of plastic materials and also free from all fillers. It will not split or warp and it does not require finishing. One disadvantage of plastic decking is that they’re ‘kits’ which prevents your choice for design. Depending on your needs, some homeowners do not like the unnatural appearance of plastic and would rather prefer the maintenance trade-off for a more natural product. Plastic decking is more costly than composite decking.

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