Property Maintenance:

We have all heard of the horror stories of terrible building maintenance.

The worst part is that building owners are spending big money $$$ on under-qualified maintenance personnel.

Here at Oakridge Remodeling, we have put together a maintenance service that provides the highest quality maintenance repairs at prices that every building owner can afford.

Our services cost a flat rate of $40/hr for service requests and our emergency rate is only $65 for the first hour and then $40/hr after that. We bill in 30min increments after the first hour.

Once you hire us for your properties maintenance we will go through your building learning what materials we will be needing for common issues. We will then stock those common items on our trucks so that when a call for maintenance is made we don’t have to spend time shopping. Here is an example:  Typical Handyperson – Call comes in about a leaky faucet at your property – Handyperson shows up at the agreed time and pulls the faucet apart and then leaves to go get the needed parts. Result: Handyperson charges for the travel time 15 mins + 15 mins to pull the faucet apart + 30 mins to go shopping and 30 mins to repair the leaky faucet and test + 15 mins for travel back to where they came from. So you will be billed for 1.75 -2 hrs plus materials to fix the leaky faucet.

If you’re currently paying your handyperson $30/hr this faucet repair would cost you $60 for labor plus materials.

For Oakridge Remodeling Since we stock a lot of common parts for your building and others, our price for this common repair would have cost you 15 mins for travel + 30 mins to pull the faucet apart and repair/test + 15 mins for return travel. Costing $40 plus materials. Resulting in an approximate 33% savings to the owner.

To top those savings Oakridge Remodeling offers a 180-day warranty on all workmanship so that you aren’t paying for the same repairs twice. We guarantee that all repairs are done to the highest quality and standards we will never provide sub-par work… So please don’t ask us to just slap something together as that’s not what we do.

We have all heard the phrase “You get what you pay for” and this phrase is especially true when it comes to a handyperson or maintenance personnel.

Our Competitions quality of work! #SadFace

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