Make Your Kitchen More Spacious with These Tips

Make Your Kitchen More Spacious with These Tips

For many of us, kitchens can be the most important room in a house but they’re often smaller than what we would like them to be. It’s easy to compromise on the size of the kitchen thinking you’re only going to cook there and do the actual eating part in the lounge room.

Many modern homes and apartments have solved the space issue by constructing open kitchens. However, those of you who have a more enclosed kitchen space might be feeling a little claustrophobic working in there.

Here are some simple tips to help make your tiny kitchen look bigger.

Lighter tones

Darker colors emphasize the outlines of objects and make them look smaller in size. Use light or monochrome color schemes in your kitchen to give the illusion of space. If you want a warm, sunny vibe, you can try shades of yellow and add touches of bright orange to it. If your kitchen is all white, you can add in a bit of turquoise or light green to liven it up.

See-through storage

If you’ve got some matching cabinet designs in mind—don’t even bother. Too many colors in your kitchen will make it look smaller. On the other hand, glass window cabinets will make your kitchen look more spacious than wooden cabinets. Better yet, just opt out of cabinets and go for open shelving since they take up less room on the walls.

Kitchen cabinets

Lighting change

Bright lights can work well for any optical illusion ideas that you may have, but you must keep in mind their proportions. Large chandelier lights will eat up on your kitchen space. Recessed lights are a great way to illuminate your kitchen space without adding much clutter. They work especially well if you have low kitchen ceilings.


Full-length mirrors are a common way to give a spaced-out look to your room. Get a mirror-paneled to one side of your kitchen wall or place them onto your cabinets. The general rule is to go for glossy, reflective surfaces that bounce off the light and make it seem like you have all the space in the world.

Minimalist aesthetic

Remodeling your kitchen is one way to add space but what about the ten thousand items you have sprawled across your kitchen counter? Do not place any objects, utensils and decoration items in your kitchen if you do not use them. This might sound ruthless but hanging up pictures and notes onto your refrigerator door with magnets also adds to the clutter. Clean up the space.

We offer free kitchen remodeling estimates

Adding space to your kitchen is a relatively simple task. If you want to remodel your kitchen space or have any request for customization then get in touch with Oakridge Remodeling now. We offer renovation, design, construction, and handyman services across the greater Regina area.


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