Innovative Ways to Transform Your Basement into Extra Living Space

Innovative Ways to Transform Your Basement into Extra Living Space

Transforming a basement into a living space can massively add to your house’s value. Most basements offer a wonderful opportunity to be used as play areas, home offices, home theatres or just additional, relaxing space.

Basement remodeling can vary across many factors. Insulation needs, wiring, size, and local regulations are just some of the factors that contribute to a basement remodel.

However, if you’ve committed to making your basement livable, here are our top tips to do just that under a budget.

Moisture Issues

Often the biggest hurdle in turning basements into cozy spaces is the high-moisture factor. Damp basements usually result in a smelly environment. Additionally, it makes the furniture and rugs wet which is just plain unpleasant. Therefore, before you begin renovating, address the moisture issue first.

You can purchase dehumidifiers that work wonders in absorbing the moisture-heavy air. Consequently, for more serious problems you can invest in waterproofing services. Be assured that the investment will be worth every penny in the long run.

Add Rugs

Area rugs can brighten up a space instantly. Once your basement is free of excess moisture, you can move on to sprucing up your floors with attractive area rugs. When shopping for rugs focus on textures, colors, and patterns that will really bring out the personality of the room.

Throw Some Pillows

Add a touch of chic with different sized pillows. Any couch or sofa can instantly look more comfy with pillows or cushions. You could even arrange different shaped pillows on your rugs on the floor for a more bohemian look.

Soft Lighting

Invest in string lights and lamps for a cozy look in your basement. You can also install track lights in the ceiling for a more modern feel. Another great idea is to combine different lighting fixtures such as pendant and recessed can lighting.


Some of the prominent features on every basement ceiling are pipes, air ducts, and joists. These elements take away from the cozy feel of the basement. The perfect solution is to disguise all those things with a thorough paint job. We recommend getting professional help as wiring and pipes usually require professional attention when it comes to painting.

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