How To Turn Your Regina Basement Into a Rental Space

Basements are mainly used as storage. If you have a little bit of space downstairs in your house that is unused and pretty spacious and you have no idea how to use it, you are very lucky. You may want to consider converting your basement into a rental unit instead of keeping old and unnecessary stuff there. It’s not only a great idea to make a good use out of the extra space, but it will also provide a source of income. The basement is a great space to live. It’s quiet, far from other dwelling and it’s very private. These features make it an attractive small apartment to rent. Here are some essential steps that you should do to change something unaccustomed into a great space either for a new roommate or your guests. Unfortunately, there are some law requirements that you have to meet before signing your basement as a living dwelling. And also you can’t forget about basement renovation costs Regina to make it attractive for the potential tenants. It might be a bit pricey, but this depends on your basement condition. So let’s find out about best basement remodeling ideas:

The first thing that you may have to do, before turning thoughts into the action of having a cozy, little flat, is to check the legal issues of renting the basement within Regina. You may find some problems that will affect the possibility of renting it. It varies from the province, so make some calls and make sure that renting the basement is legal. There are some criteria that we have to meet to be allowed to rent it. Make sure that the basement has a dedicated exit and entrance. If it does, the main requirement is likely fulfilled.

  1. Check the space conditions very carefully. There are also some health issues. Sometimes the dark, damp and unused spaces are moldy. Get rid of it to make it safe for everybody who lives in the house. Also check the radon level in the All health issues should be solved before signing your basement as a rental unit. Some requirements demand to install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms in every dwelling on every floor.
  2. Ensure that your basement bedrooms have an egress window. National building code requires that you have an egress compliant window in every bedroom. You won’t be able to get a permit for your remodel without this in place. No worries, though. If you don’t have egress windows, you will be able to solve this problem by remodeling basement walls Regina and installing some additional windows along the exterior wall in the basement.
  3. Improve the sound and fire insulation between rooms in the basement. This is a very important requirement that concerns about the amount of insulation between your basement and the rest of your house. Unfortunately, you will have to change the door to the stairway with a fire door that can keep the fire for about 1 hour before giving way. Dampers and fire stopping are required too. Also, soundproofing insulation is essential between each dwelling. But if your space is unused this process will be very easy.
  4. Plan the basement bathroom and kitchen As a bathroom is a necessary requirement, so you must ensure proper plumbing lines and pipes ways. Bathrooms have to have a separate window or a fan. If you don’t have enough space for a proper and full basement kitchen Regina, you may consider just a smaller kitchenette. Or you can connect the kitchen with the living room. It’s trendy and useful. And again, check the plumbing and gas lines to install the stove and duct work.
  5. Basement Renovation Regina: If you meet all the required building codes and you are sure you’ll get the permit for a basement suite, you can start renovating basement Regina. This is an important point for making the basement apartment attractive to tenants. Basements that are not designed as a potential living space may not have the good layout might not attract people. So look at your basement plan and design the space as you would like it to be. Decide if you want to have a studio, a 1-bedroom or a 2-bedroom basement apartment. Remember that if there is a separate sleeping room, the price of the suite can be higher. So it’s worth to save some space for an additional bedroom. What else is important, let’s answer some questions. Where should be the kitchen and the bathroom? Do you have space for a separate living room and a kitchen? Or you can manage to have only a kitchenette? These questions are very important for your basement renovation design ideas. Why? Because you might have to add or remove some walls and optimize the floor plan. Measure every room in the dwelling and plan everything very carefully.
  6. If you have all your rooms planned and ready, party time! Basement designing Regina is the best part of this project. So think how you want your basement apartment to look. First it’s all about remodeling basement walls and floors. Remember, that if you want to rent it, you should think what is attractive in the market right at this moment. Decide if you want to furnish it or not. But trust me; you’ll get more people interested in your dwelling if you have everything ready. Design a basement living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen in your new basement. Think what kind of projects you like. Remember about bright lights as the space might be a bit dark. Choose everything in fair and classic colors. Buy basic, simple but nice furniture, so the tenant can decorate the apartment as he likes.

So as you can see changing your basement into a rental space is a great idea for using what is unused. It’s good for the income as well. Requirements and difficulties are only at the beginning of the process. When you have them done, you can enjoy some extra money from the tenant or your own living space.

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