How To Ensure A Smooth Remodeling Project In Winters

How To Ensure A Smooth Remodeling Project In Winters

Winters—think coffee, hot chocolate, reading by the fireplace and ice-skating!

Thinking of investing in some pre-Holiday renovation before your family flies in for The Great Merriment?

As temperatures drop, snow engulfs streets and houses. Executing a remodeling project in winters is perhaps a tough job. A lot could go wrong, and the heavy snow can sometimes cause delays.

Here’s how you can deal with winter remodeling woes!

1. Freezing Temperatures

Low temperatures hinder water-related renovation activities. The water freezes due to low temperature resulting in sand pockets and poorly mixed cement. The frozen water can cause cracks in the brickwork leading to poor-quality renovation project and an increased cost of mortar, cement, and bricks.

Temperature is a naturally occurring phenomenon and while it cannot be controlled, the project can be altered accordingly. An experienced remodeling contractor can roughly anticipate the coldest time of the year and will wind up work before.

2. Limited Daylight

Limited natural light may extend the timeline of your project. Workers may be forced to wrap up early, roughly around 4 PM. Floodlights is one way to deal with this. Make sure your contractor has solutions for alternate lighting solutions.

3. Storage of Supplies

The risk of sliding and slipping requires tools, wood, and other materials to be properly covered or stored in a secure place. Your basement might be a good place to store these materials to ensure they impose no risk on the safety of your family and workers.

4. Safety

Construction sites have potential risks, which are doubled, due to snow. The speed is reduced due to thick layers of clothing, and careful movements to avoid slips and sliding.

It’s the responsibility of your remodeling contractor to ensure the safety of labors to avoid accidents on the construction site.

Winters shouldn’t mean you need to put your remodeling projects to bed. To assist you in dealing with these issues and keeping your renovation project on track, Oakridge Remodeling provides professional remodeling services in the Greater Regina area. Our experienced contractors have the right equipment and facilities to provide smooth renovation services in winters.

Book an appointment today for the renovation of your residential and light commercial properties!

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