How the Insurance Restoration Claim Procedure Works

There’s paperwork involved, there are deadlines, checks, and so much more when it comes to insurance claims. No wonder people dread having to deal with insurance restoration claims. To top it all there’s the damage from water or fire to be dealt with.

Hang in there, and go through our guidelines to know exactly how it works:

1. Act Quickly

We don’t suggest you act quickly just so the insurance claim process can be easier. We suggest this because disaster relief needs to be speedy to better prevent further damage.

A disaster might find you displaced or compromised, and in both cases, you should contact your insurance restoration company. This is especially true when you’re unable to step foot inside your property, such as in the event of a bad flood.

2. Detail

Once you get in touch with your insurance company, tell them in as much detail as you can muster what has gone wrong. Walk them through the damage. This could be done over the phone or an insurance officer could come down to inspect. Let them know that you want them to restore your property and provide relief.

3. Make a List

Maintain a list of the items that you lost during the process. In the list, try and jot down how much each affected item cost. Either make a spreadsheet or if possible, shoot a video and take pictures of the affected items. This will make the insurance claim process much easier.

4. Request Costs

Once you have the approval from your insurance company, ask them about the scope of the project, and how much it’s likely to cost you. In the event of an emergency mitigation service, we at Oakridge Remodeling provide quick relief within hours.

In cases where you are compromised (such as a caved in ceiling) we board up to prevent further damage and provide relief as quickly as possible.

5. The Final Dealing

You’ll be shown and asked to approve of the estimated workload. It will be reviewed and revised. Depending on the extent of the damage, this might take some time. Once the estimates have been approved, both parties will sign a proposal. Following this, the work on rebuilding and restoration will begin.

Contact Oakridge Remodeling

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