Getting the most out of your basement

Getting the most out of your basement

Is your basement a dark, damp, unfinished space that stores boxes full of old stuff that you haven’t looked at for many years? Too many basements are often dismissed as non-livable spaces that don’t have much purpose other than storage but basements are perfectly capable of becoming an extension of the house.

Here’s how you can convert your basement into an adequate living space:

  • Lighting

Because basements are located below the ground, they tend to have limited window spaces making them the dull, dark spaces we’re all too familiar with. Lighting instantly changes the look of your basement.

There are plenty of ways you can brighten up your basement. If your basement could use a little bit of air (most can), you can get a ceiling fan with lights. There is also a vast variety of ceiling lights and lamps you can pick from.

  • Create a den

For your basement to truly become an extension of your house, it needs to serve a purpose. People who don’t want their living room to look worn-out often turn their basements into pleasant dens where the family goes to relax.

The ultimate den provides maximum comfort. Get yourself a cozy couch, a couple of armchairs and lots of pillows and blankets.

Do not attempt to convert your basement into a den without giving it a complete facelift; hire experienced basement remodeling contractors that can install insulation, flooring and other basement finishing components.

  • Install a kitchenette or wet bar

Installing a kitchenette gives you easy access to a fridge and a hot plate. By installing a kitchenette and/or wet bar in your basement, you make it a livable space. You can rent it out to someone, give it to one of your kids or convert it into an in-law suite.

  • Add a bathroom

You can’t have a livable space without a bathroom, if you’re serious about renting your basement out to someone or having a family member/friend live there full-time, you’ll need to build a bathroom.

Unless you’re working with a very large space, you don’t need to build a 4 piece bathroom; installing a bathroom with just standing shower (no tub), toilet and sink should be enough.

  • Cozy décor

To get the most out of a basement, you need to make it as cozy as possible. No one is going to go down there if it’s not comfortable.

When choosing décor for your basement, look for furniture that is comfy but also doesn’t take too much space. The basement needs to be an inviting space that relaxes you and doesn’t look cluttered.

Oakridge Remodeling has a team of experts that specialize in basement remodeling. All our basement remodeling projects are tailored to fit the client’s needs and budget.

If you’re in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada and think your basement requires a makeover, get in touch with us at 1-306-993-1170.

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