Decor and Storage Tips for Basement Laundry Rooms in Regina

One trend that is catching up fast is the basement laundry rooms. This is one of the primary reasons that the laundry rooms have changed from the boring and dull corner of the home to a bright and tidy area of the basement.

To give your dreary laundry room it is best to hire an expert to give it the much-needed makeover using effective strategies. A right strategy is to ensure that there is a perfect balance between décor and storage. Here are some suggestions for professional basement renovation Regina.


  • Folding station: Who doesn’t want a folding station in the laundry? You can get a folding station installed just above the washer and dryer. This will not only add workspace in your laundry but will also help you to stay organized. You can use the area below the folding station as storage. To add a little glamour, use bright flower print skirt to keep the area covered.
  • Drapes: Basements usually have dull walls add to the grim look usually portrayed by laundry. To counter the dullness of the walls, you can add a floor to ceiling length drapes to the walls. Go for cream colored acrylic fabric for drapes as this fabric can absorb moisture from the surroundings.
  • Wallpaper: It is a great idea to add fun wallpaper design to set the laundry area apart from the basement. This will make working in the laundry room enjoyable. Try to add vibrant color wallpaper to make it lively. If possible add a TV and a DVD player to make laundry more of a privilege than a chore.
  • Colorful outdoor rug: A colorful outdoor rug will not just brighten up the whole area, but will also bring the required softness in the entire room. Laundry is not a place where you would like to spend much time and so, a rug will liven up the area and help you sail through the entire task of washing as well as organizing the clothes. You can even add a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers to make the basement seem homey.
  • Play space: If you want to keep your kids happy and occupied when you are busy doing the laundry there is nothing better than creating a play space for the kids to keep them occupied. One of the easiest ways is to create a chalkboard easel to keep the kids entertained. Also, add a non-create place so that the kids can hang their art pieces.
  • Add a sink: You might consider adding a sink in the laundry room. It will help you wipe down the spills and wash your hands after touching the detergent or bleach or soiled clothes. You can also use the sink to soak the clothes that are stained or wash off the excess dirt to prevent clogging of the washing machine.

The other factor when designing the basement laundry room is to ensure that there is enough storage space. There must be enough space to store the cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and other things. Here are a few ideas suggested by basement remodeling specialist Regina to add storage to your newly modeled basement laundry.

Lots of shelf and cabinets will also give you ample storage opportunity. Get a small potted plant to give a lively feel to the basement laundry. It is best to use clever cabinetry so that there is no space crunch. A well-planned cabinetry ensures that everything is in its proper place and the laundry room looks organized and neat.

  • A small entertaining island: We are not talking about televisions here. You can remodel some old furniture and turn it into a small laundry station by rearranging shelves to accommodate laundry baskets and freshly ironed clothes. You can also organize all your laundry supplies for easy access. If your babies have outgrown a changing table, you can use it as a folding station and use the numerous shelves to store stuff.
  • Extra hooks: Did someone tell you that if you hang the clothes the moment they are out of the dryer, you don’t need to iron them? So try to add as many hooks to your laundry station. You can use an old coat hook or even put in a rod to hang clothes.
  • Laundry cabinet: You can get yourself a custom laundry cabinet. You can use shelf organizers as they help you in maximizing the storage space on the shelves. Get a pullout iron board and clothes rod which you can pull out as and when required and stack it back into the cabinet. Don’t forget to keep a shelf reserved for all the stuff that pops out of laundry. These may include loose change, some buttons or even papers.
  • Drying rack behind the door: There are certain things that you need to air dry. A fold up drying rack behind the door can be ultra space saving for drying towels or other small items. The rack opens when the door is closed and stays in place with a chain and hinge while a catch on the top ensures it closes firmly when the door is open.
  • Convertible counters: You can even use the drop-down counters that can be mounted on the wall. When you don’t need it simply fold it. These counters take less space and are perfect for narrow rooms. It is ideal for basements that are small.

To ensure that you get your dream basement laundry rooms in Regina it is suggested to hire a professional who can assure you timely and hassle-free services. The professionals will you choose the water-resistant materials, add the decorative touches and make the most every wall. The professionals ensure that they make the basement laundry room, multi-functional or a comfortable place to relax or a small corner to work out. A good basement remodeling company will help you get the desired look within your budget in the limited time period to avoid inconvenience.

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