Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom Walls

Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom Walls

Choosing the right color for your bedroom walls depends much upon your personal choice. But sometimes, choosing the wrong color can affect the quality of your sleep, as colors have been found to exude certain effects that can impact moods and emotions.

Finding the best color hue that suits both your aesthetic needs and sleep patterns is no easy task! Before making the final decision on what color to choose, check out these important aspects of color theory to see how colors impact moods:

Bright Shades

Vibrant reds, sunny yellows or bright greens are heavily charged and usually evoke an energetic feeling, which means they aren’t the best choices for a place that’s meant to be serene and relaxing. However, if you find yourself at peace around loud, striking colors go right ahead and paint your bedroom a bold spring green! It might be beneficial to keep in mind that darker shades typically make rooms look smaller.

Try muting down a bright shade by switching out the blood red for a burgundy, or a bright orange for burnt orange to inspire warmth without making the room too energizing.

Darker Hues

While darker colors can typically make a room look smaller, painting your room a deep violet, olive, navy, or dark gray can be a great option for a large bedroom. These colors can make a room look cozy, sexy and romantic and can make the perfect backdrop for hanging art.

A word of caution: darker walls should be complimented with white or other light coloured furnishings, or one single accented wall to keep it from becoming too overpowering.

Cool Shades

Blue and greens are some of the best colors to use in bedrooms because of their calming effects. Cerulean blues are reminiscent of the sea and sky, and will invoke the same sense of peace you feel when surrounded by nothing but the sea.

Light greens too create sobering and airy effects because of their connection to nature, so if you normally have a hard time relaxing enough to fall asleep, these color options might be for you.


The safest choice to go for, neutrals like beige, light grey, ivory, or white can be great options to use as bedroom wall colors. These options allow you to play with colors at your will when choosing beddings, artwork, rugs and all other décor, as anything you choose will go with your color choice.

Choosing the right undertone for your white walls is what will truly make or break your minimalistic design. Choosing warmer undertones such as yellow will make a room appear more warm and cozy, whereas a blue undertone may make your small room appear more spacious, airy and relaxing.


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