The Ultimate Bathroom Remodeling Guide

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The Ultimate Bathroom Remodeling Guide Luckily for you, seven is the number of the essential elements you need to ensure in your bathroom remodeling project goes smooth. Whether or not the mission is too ambitious, ensuring that your remodel includes these 7 elements will result in exactly what a bathroom should be like. 1. Bathroom

The Biggest Mistakes Made in Finished Basements

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The Biggest Mistakes Made in Basement Finishing Finishing a basement is a complicated task, and the process is open to all sorts of mistakes that can harm you in the long-term. Organization and knowledge are crucial elements to avoiding major mistakes but hiring a professional basement contractor will ensure that your basement is done right

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Space Look More Chic

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Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Chic When it comes to remodeling your personal space; nothing gets more personal than a bathroom. None of us admit it, but we all spend a considerable amount of me-time of our day in there. Nobody likes a shabby bathroom and even if you don’t need to spend a whole

Make Your Kitchen More Spacious with These Tips

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Make Your Kitchen More Spacious with These Tips For many of us, kitchens can be the most important room in a house but they’re often smaller than what we would like them to be. It’s easy to compromise on the size of the kitchen thinking you’re only going to cook there and do the actual

Top Remodeling Trends to Look For in 2019

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Top Remodeling Trends to Look For in 2019 Home remodeling ventures can give any drab and dreary room an instant makeover. Over the last few years, approximately $74 billion were spent on home remodels. Whether you’re investing in a bathroom remodel or a basement conversion, a home remodel can add value to your property. If you’re

Why Do You Need an Egress Window?

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Why Do You Need an Egress Window? For those who prioritize the safety of their family above all else, basements are places you should be wary of. Being in a basement during a natural disaster or other kinds of emergencies can be potentially fatal. This is why having egress windows in them is essential. There’s

Remodeling Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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Remodeling Myths You Need to Stop Believing If you’ve lived years and years in the same house, after a time, those 4 walls feel like they’re closing in on you. You want something new, something refreshing to look at and so, you start planning a home remodel to give your home the pick-me-up it needs. Not

Should You Go the DIY Route for Post-Disaster Restoration?

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There are many factors that prompt people to undertake post-disaster restoration on their own. It might be too pricey, they may not trust people to be around their valuables, etc. And while having strangers loitering around your house is uncomfortable, only they know how to professionally and quickly save your house from utter destruction. Still

How the Insurance Restoration Claim Procedure Works

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There’s paperwork involved, there are deadlines, checks, and so much more when it comes to insurance claims. No wonder people dread having to deal with insurance restoration claims. To top it all there’s the damage from water or fire to be dealt with. Hang in there, and go through our guidelines to know exactly how

6 Common Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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6 Common Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, house rates have gone up drastically, by as much as 25% in 2017. In a time when inflation is on the rise, more and more Canadians are resorting to home renovations instead of finding a new home. According to the