Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

At Oakridge Remodeling, we know that your home deserves to be the best version of itself. And we’re focused to make that happen. A bathroom remodeling project can be both quite challenging and daunting—but the results are worth all the effort.

When you see your bathroom renovated to perfection in front of your eyes, all the time spent poring over floor plans, bathroom fixtures, lightings, and what not will all seem worth it.

Remodeling your bathroom to fit your current needs is fast gaining popularity. Millions of homeowners are investing in bathroom renovation projects. In fact, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are some of the most widely undertaken remodeling projects in the country.

As a full-service bathroom renovation contractor, we help you with remodels of all scales; from a simple shower replacement to converting a tub and full-scale bathroom tear-outs and remodels. We offer full bathroom remodeling services along with handyman services for those smaller repairs and leaks.

Before considering a bathroom renovation, you need to take into account several factors: the needs of the user, practicality and function, what design and style you have in mind, and your budget. These will help you and your contractor narrow down your choices to exactly what you want and get it perfectly right.

Bathrooms, once a space of simple utility, have now progressed into a new level of luxury. Oakridge Remodeling helps you create a bathroom that is spa-like in its comfort; with a stunning environment and modern features, your remodeled bathrooms will be a dream to use.

Whether it is bathroom flooring, bathroom walls, mirrors, lighting, faucets, showerheads, and all other bathroom fixtures, we deal in providing you with all things bathroom renovation-related.

We aim to improve the look of your bathroom in a cost-effective way, but without compromising on quality and aesthetics one bit. We can help you upgrade the look of your current bathroom with modern fixtures, expand it and make it more spacious, or install an additional bathroom in your home. Through it all, we’re committed to ensuring that your vision is brought to light!

How It Works

If you’re located in the Greater Regina area and are looking for a bathroom renovation contractor, give us a call at

1-306-450-5433 or contact us online 

We’re focused on turning your simple space into a stunning, luxurious and functional haven!

Bathroom renovations can be paid with credit card

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