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Our journey in Regina has had its ups and downs – but throughout the process, Oakridge Remodeling has remained vigilant, adopting a client-first approach – which allowed the company to grow and improve.

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Oakridge Remodeling has been a source of pride for the owner and clients all over Regina. The company has navigated through its share of troubles gracefully under the hands-on leadership and service of Jason Meier, an individual who never compromises on quality and is dedicated to driving results. Oakridge Remodeling is based on Jason Meier’s sole expertise of plumbing, carpentry services, and virtually every type of handyman services. We have managed to improve thanks to our client’s trust and opportunities and our owners’ dedication.

Today, Jason has led Oakridge to such a position where we can safely say that we’re ready for whatever comes our way, no matter the emergency, time, project size, or location. Our perseverance is what drove us to improve, becoming the Client’s Choice for 2022 and for years to come. The pillars of our foundation lay in honesty, integrity, and using our extensive experience in your favor.

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The expertise you will find at Oakridge Remodeling in Regina is unprecedented compared to what you may get from friends and neighbors– after all, that was our very foundation. Watching homeowners pay to have work redone because of poor workmanship really rubbed  Jason the wrong way. And so, he decided to do something about it. Instead of donning his cape and flying around catching such people, he picked up his trusty tools and began offering his trustworthy services to the people of Regina.

Jason  focuses on customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, improvisation, and, most importantly, reliability. Hence, the Oakridge Remodeling vision and mission was born; to serve everyone with the utmost respect and make exceptional services available to all. That is what drives us to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively without compromising on quality.

Our mission is to always be there for you, no matter what you need. It’s when you’re down that you need a helping hand to get you back up, and that’s what we want you to think of Oakridge Remodeling; a hand in need.

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