6 Common Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

6 Common Renovation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, house rates have gone up drastically, by as much as 25% in 2017. In a time when inflation is on the rise, more and more Canadians are resorting to home renovations instead of finding a new home. According to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (the CIBC), that number hovers around 56%.

Renovations are a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to moving. There’s no need to look for a suitable and affordable housing option, no moving issues, and far less stress.

Home renovations, however, aren’t completely hassle-free. This blog will help readers identify and be on guard against the commonest renovation mistakes.

Not Preparing Beforehand

A home renovation project should begin with extensive research and diligence. It should be prepared for far in advance, with a checklist in place. Schedules and timelines need to be decided long before renovation begins. Not preparing beforehand results in a sloppy, ill-handled renovation phase which can subsequently lead to disastrous results. Similarly, not brainstorming ideas in advance also leads to the unnecessary dragging out of the project.

Not Getting Professionals to Do the Heavy Lifting

While DIY projects might sound like they save you a lot of money, they actually don’t. In fact, they contribute to a ton of additional stress and give you an unimpressive result. Get a professional designer to look after the structural aspect of the renovation; no layman has the ability to correctly manipulate the lighting and space for renovation purposes. Getting professional help is an investment in style and standard.

Not Deciding Your Budget

One of the commonest mistakes people make is not deciding on a budget before proceeding with the renovation. Sure, it’s a free world, but such a free hand with everything leads to complications further down the line. Unexpected costs spring up and people often run out of funds, having to loan money or leave the project unfinished. It’s always best to look before you leap.

Losing Focus

They say that you should cut your coat according to your cloth, and they’re right. Often, people lose focus of what they actually need during a renovation. Overcapitalization is the one sin you should be wary of, since it allows extravagant, unrealistic expectations to creep in. People end up spending more on one part of the house (such as a lavish kitchen) while running out of space or funds for the rest of the house.

Imbalance between Design and Functionality

While it’s a good idea to consult lifestyle magazines to plan for a chic interior, people often overlook functionality in their obsession with style. Something that looks great but can’t function properly is hardly a success. Be very careful about selecting durable materials, the half-life of the construction materials used, and the climatic conditions of your surroundings. Only then should you proceed with the design aspect.

Dismissing Structural Improvement Needs

Little things like adding a membrane system in bathrooms can matter greatly when left unaddressed. Structural improvements should always take precedent in home renovation projects. Speak with your contractor about these because they’re professionals and will know best what improvements your house needs.

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