5 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Bathroom to Increase Resale Value

5 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Bathroom to Increase Resale Value

Want to get a good price on your property? One of the easiest ways to boost its resale value is to modernize your bathroom. Check out these 5 upgrades you can make to your bathrooms to increase their resale value:

Replace Light Fixtures

The simplest way to upgrade an old bathroom is to replace outdated light fixtures with contemporary ones. Changing up the light instantly modernizes your bathroom and gives it a much-needed facelift. There are plenty of lighting options available these days, so spend some time looking around department stores to find the perfect ones.

Install a Green Low-Flow Toilet

Installing a new toilet may seem like quite an expense, but it definitely pays off! Many local regulations now require homeowners to install eco-friendly, low-flow toilets before they can put their property on sale. If you’re living in an old house, install a new toilet now and save on your water bill.

Replace Old Tiles

Tiles can lose their sheen over time. Houses that were built ages ago can become discoloured over time; grout and grime also settle in between tiles, creating dark grey lines that take away the beauty of the bathroom. Replacing old tiles can be expensive, however, it will instantly hike up your property’s resale value.

Install New Fixtures

There was a time when all bathrooms contained similar fixtures and plumbing, but today, homeowners have a huge variety to choose from. Modern bathrooms are all about comfort; they have a more spa-like feel than older bathrooms. Their fixtures don’t just look futuristic, but also offer a number of features that allow users to relax and enjoy a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of their homes. If you want to make a profit when reselling your house, installing new fixtures in the bathroom is a must.

Update Cabinet

Nothing shows off your bathroom’s old age the way old, creaking cabinets do. Bathrooms are exposed to heat, moisture and all kinds of chemicals that cause their furnishings to wear out. Updating your cabinet immediately adds a modern-day charm to your bathroom. Homeowners can pick from an array of bathroom cabinets that have unique features and designs.   Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a facelift before you put it on sale? Get in touch with Oakridge Remodeling. We offer affordable kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels in Regina, Saskatchewan. Call 1-306-993-1170 for more information.

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