4 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Remodelling

4 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Remodelling

Whether you’re thinking of just renovating your living space or remodelling it all together, you’re likely to come across a lot of helpful—and not so helpful—advice about everything to expect.

But when so many of your friends and family say one thing but the internet and your contractors say another, who are you to believe?

Here are a few of the most common myths and misconceptions most people seem to believe, debunking which is extremely important to ensure a seamless remodelling process:

Myth #1: Remodelling Your Kitchen Is More Trouble than it’s Worth Because It Will Go Out of Fashion in A Few Years

The most common argument you will hear against kitchen remodelling, remodelling your kitchen is definitely not more trouble than it’s worth. A kitchen is more than its aesthetics—it is a place of functionality. Remodelling your kitchen to have more space, wider walkways, better appliances or ventilation can make it more efficient, easier to clean and can be a great addition to any home.

If you really are concerned about the kitchen going out of fashion in a few others, stick with classic styles, neutral colors and stainless steel appliances for a timeless look that is always in fashion.

Myth #2: It Is Necessary To Redo The Entire Area For A Remodelling Job To Be Successful

As any skilful and ethical contractor will tell you, it is not necessary to for you to replace every part of your kitchen and remodel for the project to look harmonious. The right planner will be able to incorporate elements of your present space into the new kitchen or bathroom without making anything look out of place.

Myth #3: Only Major Renovations Provide A Worthy Return On Investment

If you’re worried about the potential return on investment if you were to sell the house in the near future, and have been convinced that a major remodelling is just what your house needs to raise its value, you might want to hold that thought.

Remodelling Magazine, in a research found that minor remodelling jobs have a greater chance of getting you a higher ROI than a major one—86% for minor and only 59% for a major job.

Myth #4: You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional to Remodel Your Space

If remodels were that easy, there’d be no contractors and designers in the world! These professionals make a living by remodelling spaces, and are likely to have far more years of experience than you. They can help you create a workable design for your remodelling project, and are capable of providing valuable advice that can save you both money and time.

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